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5 Smart Bedroom Decor Ideas (Work for Small Bedroom)

Bedroom decor ideas sound simple but it is actually not that easy to deal with. Since the bedroom is a place where you need to recharge energy after an exhausting work days, it should be indulging. No matter bedroom size you have, the right bedroom décor will give you cozy feeling.

You should be smart when it comes to decorating bedroom, particularly if you do not have sufficient space to express your imagination. With these smart décor ideas, be ready to transform your boring bedroom.

Dare to be Bright

bright bedroom

Some people tend to choose dark color for bedroom, with a reason that dark shade helps them sleep better. This is not totally wrong, however you have better reason why opting for bright shade is much recommended. Especially for small bedroom ideas, bright color makes your space looks larger.

Combine with sufficient illumination to bring vibrant ambience into the room. If you are afraid to have too bright bedroom, feel free to combine with other colors. It will be better to also make layers and patterns on the bedroom wall paint.

Mind the Setting

Small bedroom is so sensitive that you need to have good sense of setting the furniture. Instead of locating your bed in the center, move it against the wall to give more space in the other side. This is how you can maximize the floor for other purpose.

Choose Furniture

bedroom furniture

Pay attention to your furniture choices when decorating small bedroom. Few inches of free space is meaningful for your small bedroom. Rather than eating space for certain furniture, you better consider space-saving ones. Here are some things to consider when choosing furniture:

  • Say no to bulky bed frame
  • Opt for multipurpose furniture
  • Remove furniture with many accessories

Reflect the Universe

Other bedroom decor ideas to deal with are by adding mirrors to reflect the bedroom. Placing large mirror is effective to magnify the space, allowing you to feel large bedroom. The mirror illusion works best if you place it in the right spot where it gets light of window.

The easiest way to create illusion in the bedroom is by choosing body-length mirror and places it against the wall. No need to make hole, instead you need to secure with wall tacky. You will see the bedroom space is larger than ever.

Optimize the Space

Bedroom Decor Ideas

The key point to have cozy small bedroom is by optimizing the space. When it comes to decorating the bedroom, you should begin with organizing the storage. Once it is done, the rest of your work will be much easier. There are some options to optimize the small bedroom space:

  • Storage under the bed
  • Go vertical
  • Floating shelf
  • Recessed wall

No need to worry about the space if you have creative ideas beyond your small bedroom. Once your stuff is well organized, the bedroom will look more ample than before. So, make up your sleeping space with bedroom decor ideas and do not worry about being crunched by your small bedroom.

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