Photo Editor App You Must Install!

Photo Edit Application – There are various photo editing applications available today.

Starting from the one that converts high contrast scenes into HDR images, to those who can combine multiple photos to create panoramas.

Currently you can find various types of special applications for portrait editing, scenery, time-lapse, and even those that can change your face.

In this article, you will find several application options for editing the best photos.

In addition to providing basic tools, there are also those that provide more features for those who want to get the best photos.



When many applications fail when trying to imitate Instagram, Snapseed which was launched in 2011 has a deeper approach to editing photos.

The snapseed application is made by Nik Software, but after being taken over by Google, this application gets additional new and interesting features.

The ability of Snapseed has been highly developed so that it can edit photos in JPEG or DNG format, which is useful if you are shooting in RAW mode using a cellphone.

With this function, you can edit photos without damaging them and save them as JPEG.

There are too many other features in Snapseed to mention one by one, but these are some of the most prominent ones.

There are 29 filters and tools available, including color effects and overlays.

Both of these have always been the most sought-after features of Snapseed.

There are also various textures and effects that can be used to coat your various photos.



Currently, Adobe offers two kinds of photo editing applications for mobile phones, namely Photoshop Express and Photoshop Lightroom.

Both have their own advantages.

The main difference between the two applications is that the first can be used to do various edits directly on the cellphone, while the second requires that you have a desktop version of Lightroom to get all the features in full.

Which one is right for you? That depends on your needs.

For most users, Photoshop Express is more appropriate because there are various tools available in one application.

For others, being able to connect between Lightroom applications on mobile and on the desktop is more helpful.



The VSCO application is available free and has 20 types of filters that you can apply to the images on your mobile camera.

After your image or photo enters the application, the image will remain in the gallery in the application so there is no need to bother looking for it again.

VSCO also offers various tools for editing photos.

You can use it freely or use it to adjust existing filters.

In this application, you can do all the basic things like crop, brightness and contrast adjustments, but with additional effects from the filters you use.

Like Adobe, which offers filters for sale, VSCO also does the same.

Various collections of filters that you can buy are available for special themes such as landscape and portrait photos.

All of these filters come at an affordable price.

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