Preschool Teacher Resignation Letter to Parents

Even though being a teacher is fun, there are many reasons why a teacher needs or wants to hand out a resignation letter. No matter what reasons you have, it is necessary to create a proper letter.

In case you are a preschool teacher, then you need preschool teacher resignation letter to parents.

This letter should contain clear information delivered straightforwardly.

However, unlike the other resignation letter, there are some tricky things you have to take into account.

Since this letter will be sent to parents, you need to use different approach.

It is not like a typical letter handed out to your employer or school.

Thus, the letter should be able to reflect your personal thought as well as your deep sadness of leaving the current job as a preschool teacher.

Things to Avoid When Writing Preschool Teacher Resignation Letter to Parents

It is important to compose an appropriate resignation letter for parents.

Aside from allowing you to leave in a good standing, the proper letter is also able to avoid you from future problem.

When you are planning to create a resignation letter, these are some things that you have to avoid:

1. Short period between resignation letter and end date

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Normally, teachers are expected to resign at the end of school terms.

During this period, teachers already finished their assignments and it will not cause chaotic situation within the school.

When you decide to resign from preschool, it is recommended to leave at the end of school terms.

However, the resignation letter or contoh surat pengunduran diri must be handed out at least two months before leaving.

Short period between your resignation letter and your end date will cause problem within the school as well as parents.

There should be replacement after your resignation and it is impossible to get replacement within few days.

2. Mention personal reason too detail

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When composing preschool teacher resignation letter to parents, you have to mention the reason.

However, no matter what reasons you have, it is not necessary to write it too detail. Especially if it is quite personal, you do not need to let the parents know.

3. Not appreciate the students

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Since this letter is intended for parents, it means you have to use personal approach.

To deal with it, you may write your appreciations to the children you have taught.

The parents who receive your letter will feel appreciated, too. Besides, they will notice that you really pay attention to the students.

4. Write without sample

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Resignation letter for parents have specific format and content that require you to understand.

If you have never made one before, chances are that you are not able to create the appropriate letter.

To avoid this, do not write without sample. Make sure you find resignation letter samples for preschool parents.

Now you know things to avoid when composing a letter for resignation.

By considering those things, it is not impossible to hand in a professional and proper letter.

When it comes to samples, please visit There you will find immense choices of resignation letters with various content, including for preschool teacher to parents.

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