Streaming TV in Your Phones!

TV Watch Application – Watching television has become our society’s habit.

Television has become the most practical means of entertainment to unwind after work or just fill your spare time.

Besides being easy and inexpensive, TV also provides a variety of entertainment options so we don’t get bored easily.

However, did you know that there are now TV watching apps that allow you to watch TV outside your home?

When you are out of the house but don’t want to miss your favorite television program, take your cellphone and use the application to watch TV.

Thus, you can still watch your favorite shows even if only through a smart phone.

There are various choices of applications for watching TV that can be used for your Android phone.



Fucking is an application for watching TV that can be installed on your Android phone.

This application is fairly easy to use.

No wonder many people have downloaded this application through the Play Store.

Vidio offers a wide selection of local channels such as Trans TV, Indosiar, RCTI and other channels.

After downloading this application, you can do live streaming to watch your favorite shows.

If you want to watch sports channels, Vidio also provides a special channel for sports.

In addition, submission videos can also be watched through this application.

Thus, Vidio can be said like the Indonesian version of YouTube.

Fucking applications are developed by the sons of the nation, but the quality is not inferior to foreign-made applications.

You can watch HD quality videos.

Besides watching TV channels, Vidio also provides entertainment such as Korean dramas and funny videos.

The application that was made 4 years ago in fact has succeeded worldwide.



This one watch television application was developed by Masculine Lake DEV.

Although made by the son of the nation, this application received good support from the developer.

This is evidenced by the availability of many interesting features that you can get from FrenTV.

In addition to providing a variety of local channels, you can also watch foreign channels with HD quality.

Not only that, the FrenTV application is also quota-friendly.

This application allows you to watch TV offline so you don’t have to worry about a swollen quota.

In addition, support such as audio and translation channels is also available in this application.

With FrenTV, you can get far more features via mobile than on ordinary television.



As the name suggests, watching TV applications can be enjoyed for free.

Even so, the features you get are not kidding.

Free TV provides more than 100 channels from various countries.

No need to worry about looking for these channels because they have been grouped by country of origin.

Only by downloading the Free TV application, you can enjoy the interesting features available.

The thing that is considered less attractive than this application is the presence of advertisements.

Even though the ad won’t appear when you watch streaming shows, it still feels that the ad on the initial display is quite annoying.

Even so, this is not a big problem when compared to the features that you will get.

Since this application is free, the problem of advertising is understandable.

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